At its core, privacy is about control.

At its core, privacy is about control.

And at Prophet Labs, we’re firm believers that you should have control over your own data.  By using Zoe or any Prophet Labs product, you implicitly grant us and our affiliates the ability to access, use, and store the resulting data.  When you click “Yes, I Agree” on our Terms and Conditions, you explicitly consent to our using your information to train our AI and give you the fully personalized user experience you are seeking.

Now for the important part – what else do we do with your data?

Well, that depends on your answer to one simple question: Can we share your data with non-affiliates?

If you say “Yes”, we will selectively share it with industry partners we believe might benefit you. This might include opportunities for enhanced features and integrations, or could positively impact your experience with companies who we’ve shared your data with independently.

If you say “No”, we won’t.

It’s that simple.

So, why collect it if we’re not sharing it?

Data is fuel – the life blood of AI.  AI can’t exist with out data and machine learning and deep learning can’t take place without large quantities of data.  The key is in understanding that our business asset isn’t your data, it’s the resulting algorithms that we build upon that knowledge.

You might be reading this thinking, “Why would I say yes?” A few things to consider . . .

It will be increasingly impossible not to share your data. It’s already being collected in public spaces, retailers, even street cams. Everything is fair game, as the world around us becomes ever-more connected and predictive in nature. Every aspect of our lives will be affected and augmented by technology.

Simply stated, the future is about experiences and experiences require data. This is the main reason that, in the coming age, embracing this technology-based society will be simultaneously preferred and inevitable for those of us in the developed world.

Worried about all this data eroding your privacy?

Maybe, but the advance of data-driven technology is also putting us more in control than ever before. Shop when and where you want, your personal preferences known. Customize your living environment, even when sharing your home with others. Enhance your personal security – physical, digital, and financial. Have the mundane tasks handled, leaving you free to live life to its fullest.

Certainly, the advance of data-driven technology requires more strength and engagement as an individual. Know when you are being marketed to – when to take advantage and when to ignore. Understand the difference between data sought for profit and that sought for control. Engage in open discussions about topics such as “future crimes” and citizen databases. Demand transparency in and a right to your own data.

The same explosions in creativity that accompany our new data-driven world are fueling the rise of blockchain technology, one of the most powerful tools for personal sovereignty we’ve ever seen. The horizon is bright. There have always been those fearful of technology – of change – and those who have resisted it. Yet, in the end, the onward march of technological progress always emerges victorious. So, maybe consider enjoying it along the way. Just remember – it should be your choice.